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Don't Let AI Progress Leave You Behind: 10 Free Courses to Catch Up

Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. It seems like there is a major new development every few days, with multi-modal models being the latest advance. With the fast pace of change, many people are at risk of falling behind on AI knowledge and skills. So when authoritative sources offer free AI courses, it's wise to take advantage of the opportunity. 

We, at DevPals, have compiled for you a list of 10 free Google courses that provide a strong introduction to key AI concepts:

Introduction to Responsible AI - Discover why it's crucial. [Link]

Generative AI Fundamentals - Earn a badge by completing the above courses. [Link]

Create Image Captioning Models - Learn to make image captioning models. [Link]

Introduction to Generative AI Studio - Customize generative AI models. [Link]

Introduction to Generative AI - Understand the basics. [Link]

Introduction to Large Language Models - Learn about LLM and Google tools. [Link]

Attention Mechanism - Enhance machine learning tasks. [Link]

Introduction to Image Generation - Explore diffusion models. [Link]

Encoder-Decoder Architecture - Get insights into this ML architecture. [Link]

Transformer Models and BERT Model - Dive into Transformer architecture. [Link]

With AI developments coming so fast, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But making the effort to stay current is worthwhile. These free courses from Google are a great way to build AI knowledge at your own pace. Don't get left behind!